David Shlemayev

I Build Things

Things I've Built

A portable, serverless, and distributed compilation artifact storage solution using NFS
A query builder for JQ (JSON Query), that visualizes the results of the query as you type it
Indexes the source code of all versions of specific popular projects (e.g. Linux), and displays how function signatures changed over time
Prompts the user to draw on the touchpad for ink signatures and other uses
A small karaoke app made in Flutter for Linux, uses a third-party synchronized lyrics database
An experimental file manager with a focus on performance, usability, and aesthetics. Made in Flutter.
Schedules workers' to predefined shifts with regard to sleep time, shift "difficulty score", and fairness
A desktop UI library that enables writing very performant UIs that work great over remote-desktop, while being easier to build than native
A Python and Rust library that simplifies mathematical expressions using static patterns, for performance sensitive projects. Used in boldui
Simulates packet latency in a unix domain socket. Used for lag testing netcode without intrusive libraries or fiddling with qdisc. Written in Go, Used in boldui
An experimental ARM64 kernel for Rasp-Pi 3 with various ideas of mine. Can run a usermode, and has USB HID courtesy of the Circle project
An experimental package manager that mixes the reproducibility of Nix with the familiarity of Debian's APT
Detects when you participate in a group order of food in Wolt (like Uber Eats), and prompts to pay the host with Paybox (like CashApp)
Was used to reserve a seat in the train during the 2020 Coronavirus restrictions using a straightforward UI. Now used for faster schedule viewing than official app
A neat python API to create short-lived VMs and virtual networks, with support for hosting netboot and physical machines
A very small (~650 bytes of x64 code) interpreter for embedded debugging and exploration
Indexes and searches files by name using an optimized implementation. 25x-100x times faster than mlocate(1).